Francais Anglais


The great great grand parents of Elodie bought the house in the 1880s.

Like Elodie’s great grandfather, they used to be the village headmasters while also serving as city hall head of staff. Elodie’s mother was born and bred in the house, which eventually became the holiday house where all relatives used to convene.

Elodie’s grandfather, Robert, retired in Juzet and was elected mayor (which had already been the case when France was freed in 1945). Due to his experience, he became the driving force behind the revamping of the family house, which was turned into 3-star (“trois épis”) “chambres d’hôtes”.

Elodie and Thierry’s family have contributed their time and skills to revamping the house. This resulted in Le Poujastou’s official opening to the public in 1999.